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Fashion that's Comfortable With An Edge!

I've wanted to have my own clothing line for so many years but I was always afraid to go ahead and jump on it! I’m a Fashion Designer with experience in the industry for over 20 years. This line actually reflects me and others like me. I'm a mother of two, always on the go, with not much time to shop. When I did shop I could hardly find what I was looking for! I always ended up settling for something I didn't really love. Why couldn't I find a simple item such as a Fall 'T' long sleeve, with adjustable sleeve length and a long enough bodice to cover my rear end? Something soft and comfortable, yet sophisticated; nice enough that I could go out anywhere and not look like I just got out of yoga class or the gym, but still feel comfortable and relaxed?

My line, CarmenAndersonNY, consists of 24 pieces, 17 tops and 5 bottoms and 2 dresses (for now!). They are made of sustainable materials such as modal rayon (and other natural fibers). All garments are lightweight, soft jersey knit. Perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to look fit and stylish, yet still be comfortable. I'm proud to also say that the collection is made 100% in NYC!